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What I saw lately and link to other people daily:

Test of carbon-steel chief knives with pictures from high-powered digital microscope from the department of material science & engineering. As someone in the comments wrote it: “Thank you for respecting my time and intelligence. This was well worth watching.”

Spoiler: I bought the best stainless-steel knife to which they compare.

Fundamental truths about flags design – “if you need to write a name of your thing on the flag, it’s a shitty flag. Sorry California.”

In-depth review of UAZ 2206 Buchanka from Martin Vaculik.

DOOM speed runs are still a thing. Surprising.

Definite answer to “what to do about the climate change”.

Epic channel mapping everything Caesar ever did and putting it into historic context. He was lucky as fuck.

Key to understanding the China and why Trump is exactly what they wanted.

How economy works (what should/maybe will happen now is at 26th minute – beautiful deleveraging):

How to play “Pazitka” from Xavier Baumaxa:

Dizzee Rascal – Bassline Junkie:

Full Justice album: